Thursday, January 12, 2012

Love Moves Me

I'm truly inspired by you
All the things you do
To all it seems like nothing
Prideful is what I call them
Nothing more than a tree's stem
Not understanding their roots
To high in the sky
All they do is wave bye
Cannot ever remember hi
Yes they all shall die
They keep moving to the street
I groove to my beat
That is where we meet
They think they know the moves
Which only goes to prove
You think you know
You really don't
So what do you have to show
Time is ticking
I am winning
With glory all around
Now you thirst with air
The only thing you have to share
I am  filled with living water
My faith is like no other
With hope I dare to dream
I'm moved internally by my beat
Its not a drum
Its the God in me